RMe Series RM850e in Sharjah

Buy Low-Noise ATX Power Supply

575 AED
Fully Modular, Continuous power W 850 Watts, MTBF hours 100,000 hours, 80 PLUS Efficiency Gold, Cable Type Type 4, PCIe Connector 3, SATA Connector 7

Every image you see will undergo a significant transformation thanks to the RM850e ATX power supply, which is presently available in the Sharjah.

RM850e supports Modern Standby with precise timings, ensuring lightning-fast wake-from-sleep speeds and improved low-load efficiency.
Low-noise power supply that is dependable and effective, with fully modular wiring so you only need to connect the wires your system build requires. Even when operating at maximum load, a 120mm rifle bearing fan with a precisely developed fan curve reduces fan noise.

RM850e ATX Power Supply Features

Providing near-silent operating at lesser loads with Zero RPM Fan Mode.
ATX Power Supplies that are fully modular and quiet, improved low-load efficiency and lightning-fast wake-from-sleep timings.
  • Steady power system
  • Fully modular cabling
  • Modern motherboard
  • Low noise operation
  • Zero RPM fan mode
  • Super electrical performance
  • Modern standby
  • Cooler temperatures
You may use your equipment without worrying thanks to our exceptional service.

Minimal power usage, low noise, and cooler temperatures make Cybernetics Platinum certified products.

Any 8-pin cable can be utilized with five universal 8-pin connectors, which can supply all the power requirements for contemporary motherboards and GPUs.
Each power supply in the RMe Series has a strong resonant LLC topology with DC-DC conversion and 105° rated industrial-grade capacitors for dependable, consistent power and superior electrical performance. By connecting exactly the cords your system needs and nothing more, you may reduce cable clutter.

RM850e ATX Power Supply Gallery

Each RMe Series power supply has the following features for dependable power and exceptional electrical acting skills:
The finest power supply currently on the market for totally modular low noise is this one.

RM850e ATX Power Supply Specs

A true power supply combines contemporary features with reliable power system performance.
Meeting the power requirements of current motherboards and GPUs Modern Standby is supported by RMe with accurate timings.
Weight 1.519
ATX Connector 1
ATX12V Version 2.53
Continuous power W 850 Watts
MTBF hours 100,000 hours
80 PLUS Efficiency Gold
Zero RPM Mode Yes
Cable Type Type 4
EPS12V Connector 2
Modular Fully
PCIe Connector 3
SATA Connector 7

Buy RM850e ATX Power Supply in Sharjah

World-class promotes reduced noise, power usage, and temperature

Low-Noise Power Supplies featuring two 8-pin EPS12V connectors offer silent operation, quicker wake-from-sleep times, and improved low-load efficiency.

Express Delivery Khor Fakkan, Kalba, Dhaid, Dibba Al-Hisn, Al Madam


Only the answers to your questions about it will close the gap to this. Here are some important United Arab Emirates RM850e ATX Power Supply FAQ for you.
What is RM850e?
CORSAIR RM850e Fully Modular Low-Noise ATX Power Supply.
How long do power supplies last?
Under normal intended use, a PSU should last a long time—at least five years, possibly up to 10 years.
What causes power supply failure?
Power supply problems are caused by various sources, for example distribution network faults, system switching, weather and environmental conditions, heavy plant and equipment or simply just faulty hardware
How does ATX power supply work?
ATX power supplies are turned on and off by a signal from the motherboard.
How much is the best price of the RM850e ATX Power Supply in Sharjah?
EMI Starts from 143.75 AED/m 4 Months or 575 AED.

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